Any Kitchen or handmade piece of furniture made by DCF is made from high quality materials responsibly sourced (timber and associated products being FSC certified wherever possible). We use native British timbers as well as those from Europe and the USA. We work closely with our clients, from the initial design concepts through to the finalised design and production to ensure that at the end of the process the client has a beautiful kitchen or piece of furniture that fully meets their requirements. In particular we spend a great deal of time during the initial design phases to ensure that the project develops to suit the client in terms of materials, design and functionality. It’s very important to us to take the time to develop, (through advice and consultation) your ideas to ensure that you have your requirements fulfilled beyond your expectations.

Eye for Detail

Our hand made kitchens and furniture are truly bespoke, we use a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques in creating your furniture to the highest standards. We make everything from scratch, so you’re not restricted to ‘standard’ sizes, we let the space dictate the design, a truly bespoke service. Our attention to detail, individuality and quality ensure outstanding results. We welcome your enquiries and will be happy to discuss your upcoming projects.