Bespoke Bathroom Vanity units – Oak and painted

Bespoke bathroom and En-suite vanity units continue to prove popular. On a previous blog I uploaded a photo of a double basin walnut wall-hung unit which generated a terrific response – Thank you all. For those who missed it I’ve put it in this blog. see the last photo.

Here are a few more we’ve recently made.

Painted vanity 1A lot of the vanity units we make are commissioned by clients who are dissatisfied with the available selection from mass manufacturers.

This is one such example. shown here spay white primed ready for delivery. See below for finish painted picture.




Painted vanity 2


The drawer height was determined by the required height to store cleaning products.

Note the rounded front legs to suit the basin shape.






Painted vanity 3

Here’s the end result!










Another cracker………..

Painted vanity 4

This piece was made for a clients bathroom, not for a sink to sit on, but as a free-standing piece of furniture. Primed ready for delivery and finish painting.








A rustic chunky Oak vanity unit

Oak vanity 1

This beautiful oak vanity unit is lightly stained and awaits delivery to London where it will have a chunky polished concrete top fitted. Sadly no installed photo.







Walnut Wonder

American Black Walnut twin sink bathroom unit