Hand Painted Kitchens popularity continues…

We continue to be be busy making bespoke hand made kitchens, all in all the recession hasn’t really had a effect on business for us, quality, value for money and the service we offer continue to bring in commissions resulting from recommendations of customers past and present.
Talking to architects and interior designers I’m encouraged that they are busy working on exciting projects large and small. All good news for us as a lot of these projects need the input of kitchen planning, design and manufacture, not to mention other furniture for the home, wardrobes, built in cupboards, bathroom vanity units and home study furniture. Hand painted kitchens in particular continue to be popular, design trends seem to be leaning towards…..a simpler look, perhaps one should say “understated”. Most we make are still in frame kitchens but frames more often than not are square edged as opposed to having a cock beads around them and doors plainer in style, mouldings are out and clean simple lines in.

The modern home is light and airy, a lot of the furniture we make is installed into open plan living space, this is where the bespoke nature of the furniture we make comes into it’s own. We recently (photos to follow) made a walnut kitchen in a completely re-modelled home, the recommendation came through CaSA Architects in Bath and the project evolved into the most beautiful living space. I’ll write a separate blog on this one once photographs are available….It’ll be worth the wait!

That’s it for now, check back soon for more pics and news…DC