Walnut Bathroom Unit

Walnut Bathroom Units are currently proving to be a popular choice…………Here’s one we’ve recently made and installed in the Bath area
To be fair this one is in a cloakroom rather than a bathroom, but hey …. she’s still a beauty.

Lovely pebble basin too.Walnut Bathroom Unit

It would be fair to say that we’ve now made more vanity units from American Black Walnut than anything else, it’s richness certainly sits well in a contemporary setting.

We make all sorts of vanity units, some have inset bowls, others semi counter top basins and some like this example a statement sink.

Incidentally the mirror that ‘s just in view over the sink is made from bit’s of teak root left over from the manufacture of rustic benches.


American Black Walnut twin sink bathroom unitThis wall hung example has two ‘U’ shaped drawers (around the plumbing) on touch latches with an open base for towels. Careful consideration needs to be given to the installation of a unit of this size, I couldn’t tell you the combined weight of the unit itself, with the stone top, sinks, taps etc…..but it was heavy!!!. Thankfully we had a solid wall to fix to and had special metal brackets fabricated which are cunningly concealed within the fabric of the unit to hold the whole lot up.