Sand Blasted Oak

We’re currently working on an interesting project which involves sand blasting oak to give it a distressed/drift wood style finish. . . . . . 

The  project involves a bespoke kitchen and living room furniture for a refurbished property. The intention is to make cabinet doors with a horizontal linear look, which will be sand blasted and distress painted. The samples themselves are no small feat of engineering, the core is a 12mm birch plywood which has a mitred oak lipping all round, the plywood is then faced on both sides with a 6mm layer of oak, they’re then passed onto our blaster for distressing. As you can see from the pictures the blasting has eaten away the softer grain to give a pleasing distressed look.

Raw Sandblasted Oak

The samples were then painted in several colour schemes:

limed oak finish on sandblasted oak

Here a limed effect has been used picking out the sand blasted grain

distressed paint finish on sand blasted oak

In this case a charcoal finish has been used to great effect, looks like something out of the Mary Rose!

The samples are now in the hands of the architects and clients, we await their comments. This is the very start of a project that may or may not come to fruition, I hope it does as it will be an interesting one! Stay tuned…

Not for the faint hearted!!

Here’s a shot of an Elm table we made recently that was sandblasted, certainly not a delicate process, noisy too.