How much does a bespoke handmade kitchen cost?

It’s a question I’m often asked………….How much does a bespoke handmade kitchen cost? Sadly there’s no easy answer, I wish there were. Not very helpful I hear you cry. Well, let me try to explain.

Every job, be it a commission for an expansive walnut kitchen or a simple bathroom cabinet needs an estimate working out. From time spent visiting site, designing, material costs, labour costs, delivery and installation, the list goes on!…….I do sometimes envy companies that can whip out a price list and ‘Voila’ are able to present a figure. The very bespoke nature of our work means that the pricing is too, everything we make is individual and as such is uniquely costed. A kitchen made for any given space can vary hugely in price, depending on the complexity, materials used, fittings, choice of worktops etc. Over the years we’ve made kitchens of a similar similar size scale that have varied in cost from £10’000 to £40’000 – In many respects commissioning a bespoke kitchen is much like buying a new car – you can choose a budget mass produced model, a custom built high end super car, or anything inbetween. The choice, as they say ‘is yours’.

So how do you find out the likely cost of your ideal kitchen? Initially a consultation to discuss your project can provide sufficent information to lead to a budget costing, from there the detail can be refined and a fixed price arrived at. Alternatively we can design a kitchen or piece of furniture based on a specified sum, this is often the way we work in association with architects and interior designers.

Naturally there is no obligation for the client in this part of the process, from your point of view it’s very important to establish several things, namely, the likely cost involved, to understand the quality of what you’re potentially commissioning  (value for money) and also to satisy yourself that you can work with/be comfortable with your chosen cabinet maker.

Don’t be afraid to ask, you’ve nothing to loose and a lot to gain. We’d be happy to discuss any forthcoming projects you may have. We would also be delighted to show you some examples of our work. I wouldn’t buy a new car without a test drive and I wouldn’t commission an new handmade kitchen without having a good close look at what I could expect.

Over to you!