From Humble Thresholds to Grand Designs

Here we are again!! I’ve finally managed to find the time to catch up with my website guru and have a refresher on ‘how to ‘Blog’. Not quite the ‘dark arts’ mystery I had remembered it to be, well, if you’re reading this the imparted knowledge has born fruit. Here’s hoping!…Now then, much more interesting than nerdy website stuff, is the WWW… 

Wonderful World of Wood, (I know – corny!) that and the challenges of running a small business in difficult times. Since I last put digit to keyboard the economy remains flat, pancake flat. Business remains buoyant in spite of the economic doldrums. Our mainstay – Bespoke Kitchens are keeping us busy, Hand painted, Oak and Walnut continue to be in vogue, with plain simple lines in the ascendancy. Burr and Pippy veneers are proving popular too.

As well as hand made kitchens, we’ve been busy making built in wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, tables, lounge & hall furniture, Boot rooms, utility furniture, mantle shelves… All sorts, variety – the spice of life, love it!… and thresholds, lots of thresholds!! what’s going on out there? I can only assume there are many new stone floors being laid which require door thresholds, great news for all involved in refurbishment, no matter how grand a design. I’m sure some of those nice floors will need gracing with a new kitchen? So my optimistic view leads me to the conclusion that the humble threshold we’ve made this month could well lead to us making a beautiful kitchen the next!

So are things looking up? perhaps they are, I’m convinced our sensible pricing, flexibility, customer service and the excellent quality of what we make continues to keep us busy. Long may it continue.

Until next time – which I hope will be more like 14 days than 14 months! – DC