Work opportunities

Q:  Has the world gone mad?
A:  No, it’s just the people in it. I believe there’s an opportunity out there for any bright sparks in the media… a ‘good new’ channel. I’m very much a glass half-full person and pleased to say I’m not alone. I’ve had several conversations recently with those in “the trade” in Bath and the surrounding area, be they bespoke furniture makers, kitchen designers or makers and suppliers of hand-made kitchens and discovered there is a constant theme building.

Small businesses continue to thrive in the current economic climate due to a combination of factors. I believe that our ability to be flexible in offering a truly bespoke service designing and making kitchens and furniture, fulfilling our clients requirements in terms of specification and budget keeps our order book healthy. Contrary to popular belief there are people out there spending money, prepared to invest in their homes, who understand the excellent value that can be found in commissioned kitchens and furniture. They only need look in the right place, or they have been directed to us through recommendation.

By running a tight ship, we’re able to keep our prices at a sensible level. We, like other successful businesses have adapted to the market, and by doing so have kept busy. Those that won’t or can’t be flexible are the ones suffering. Our quality carpentry, customer service and exceptional value result in repeat business and word of mouth recommendations which continue to keep our order book healthy and keep us busy, very busy! Long may it continue.